Courses that are 1 hour or longer will specify Learning Objectives and offer a Course Certificate to download at the end of the course.
When ASHA CE credits are available for a course:
  • Provide your ASHA number in your profile.
  • Complete the course evaluation and leave a comment on the course.
Here are a few exciting reasons:
  • Revenue: Every time a student takes a course in your library – you earn income.
  • Brand: Extend your message beyond in-person presentations
  • Quality: Ability to offer ASHA CE courses
All paid courses in your library earn income:
  • 80% of all general course income
  • 30% of all CE course income
In order to offer quality information which meets the highest standards for professional development education, we ask our Educators to commit to creating, defining, and delivering
identifiable and measurable outcomes.
Here is a step-by-step guide to creating online courses.